Code Completion With Mekanik Türk

With the API we can generate useful and context-aware code suggestions. After fine-tuning with code from thousands of Open Source GitHub repositories, the API completes code based on function names and comments.


ProjeIT's mission is to create that highly autonomous systems that outperform humans at most economically valuable work—benefits all of humanity.

  • Complete First Milestone70%
  • Team Building50%
  • Commercial Product Process40%
  • Investor Finding Process20%

Voice Recognition via Web Browser

The API can enable fast, complex and consistent natural language discussions. With a brief prompt, the API generates dialogues spanning a range of topics, from space travel to history.


Semantic Search The API allows searching over documents based on the natural-language meaning of queries rather than keyword matching..

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Automates litigation tasks to help attorneys efficiently provide high-quality representation, offering a comprehensive research to law/accounting firms.

ProjeIT Scholars

We provide stipends and mentorship to study deep learning full-time for 3 months and open-source our project.

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Cooperative Orientation

We will actively cooperate with other research institutions; We strive to build a global community working together to address AI's global challenges. We will collaborate with public institutions that are helping the society move on the AI path. As of today, AI will publish most of our research.

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